Our Strategy

At Roma Capital we are proud of our integrated property development and property investment approach, providing our investors with targeted investment solutions, across the diverse risk return spectrum.

Land Investing

Improving Local Communities

We invest in land to create new homes


We keep a keen eye on emerging locations marked for development within local council planning policies as well as undeveloped plots in existing residential locations. Our strategy is to acquire sites in areas inherent with demand or where we can forecast growing levels of demand and market appreciation.

These opportunities arise via our own research or through our network of contacts, and in most cases are off-market acquisitions where we deal directly with land owners.

We work with planning consultants who have a deep understanding of the planning policies affecting the site including previous dealings with the local planning officers.

At times, we will acquire with a strategy to secure planning and sell with planning. On other occasions, we will acquire to secure planning and build out the scheme ourselves. In every acquisition, our exit strategy is clearly defined from the outset and is governed by mitigating risk and maximizing profit.

Our Contribution

We work with our investors, bankers, architects, planning consultants, quantity surveyors and lawyers, to provide land ready for development, remaining true to our core value of improving communities.

With significant experience in direct project management and a network of tried and tested professional counterparties, we are equipped to carry-out pre-acquisition due diligence and structure, manage and deliver successful projects.

For each necessary development facet, whether that is our legal contracts, our marketing strategy, or value engineering the design, we seek to optimise the project in every way. Our enduring goal is to mitigate risk, enhance value and expedite project completion.

Our Contribution

We strongly believe that dependable and adequate housing is one of the most important determinants of a healthy life filled with opportunity. The research is increasingly clear that a place to call home is vital to national progress across sectors, from health and education to our economy and neighbourhoods. It’s essential to increase investment in innovations, products, and programs that tackle critical housing issues. We shall play our part, together with our investors, to alleviate the problems and to preserve the social cohesion of our communities, offering modern solutions to address our communities’ developing requirements.


Regenerating and building homes

We develop quality homes to solve housing shortages and enhance value in the area.


Gaining a micro understanding of local markets is as important as monitoring the macro dynamics impacting the greater economy.

A shortage of housing in the UK is an ongoing problem and one in which we see ourselves being part of the solution. Whether it is bringing old housing stock back in to circulation through refurbishments, or whether it is by building new housing schemes, this factor continues to create opportunity and demand in the market.

Property Investment

Providing solutions to our investors

We invest in property portfolios to generate long-term quantifiable and predictable cash flows and sustainable returns.


Building or acquiring property to retain and generate income provides additional scope to our strategy and a means for asset collateral and appreciation.

Buying property that is derelict or in need of updating and repair enables us to add value through well managed refurbishment projects.

It is a well-known investment principle that successful investments are often successful because the original price paid was accurate. This simple philosophy coupled with ensuring we buy in the right locations, are principles that we have followed since we first started trading.

We ensure the ongoing asset management for the maintenance and letting of our property is robust and professional in an effort to avoid any vacant periods.

Our Contribution

Through our network, we procure specific investment opportunities and proceed to perform significant due diligence for suitability and appropriateness. In addition, our team provides the essential know-how in procuring competitive and suitable financing options in both traditional and innovative debt and equity capital markets.

We believe that the combination of our industry knowledge, investment experience, and Capital Markets expertise provides Roma Capital with an edge in identifying and creating value in investment opportunities.