A Structure Designed for the Equity Investor

Roma Capital have utilised a team of professional counterparties, including specialist lawyers and tax advisors, to create the optimal investment structure that provides a simple and comfortable fit for senior lenders and equity investors.

Exit Models

We operate two exit models

Build to Sell

To be executed within the shortest possible time frame. We research and procure sites for residential use that are in growing areas or areas of high demand, close to key local amenities, and possess good transportation links to London. Our developments are thoughtfully created to appeal aesthetically and practically to buyers.

Build to Rent

We develop with the intention of leasing out the properties to provide a regular income to our investors. Our key focus is to ensure the development is constructed to reduce costs associated with ongoing maintenance and that the asset management is robust to avoid any unoccupied periods. We engage independent firms for the maintenance and the management of the developments.

Due Diligence

All of the developments that Roma Capital offer to their investors have been subjected to thorough and extensive due diligence reviews, with the principle aims of (i) protecting investors’ capital; and (ii) delivering or surpassing an annualised target return for the project that is communicated to the investors. For this process, Roma Capital utilise their team of quantity surveyors, architects, engineers, builders, planning and estate agents in order to establish a conservative project appraisal inclusive of the Gross Development Cost and Gross Development Value. This process also involves the identification and subsequent mitigation of the associated planning, development and exit risks. On average, Roma Capital consider 25 potential sites per month, of which they reject the majority; with only a small number of sites meeting the exacting standards of their sourcing criteria.

Roma Capital maintain a dedication to transparency, allowing investors detailed insight into the inner workings of each project. All due diligence information is shared with the potential investors.

Optimised Returns

If the project financials do not produce our targeted returns, set at the outset for each specific project, we walk away. Gross Development Cost and Gross Development Value are approached conservatively with appropriate contingencies applied, and our decision-making data is professionally validated.

Fully Funded Projects

All our projects are fully funded at the beginning of the project, through to practical completion, with the total equity required for each project being in place at the inception, and the debt portion committed by a reputable senior lender.

Top Quality Projects

We carefully vet and work with experienced contractors, planning consultants, engineers, architects, surveyors and lawyers with clear track records and good reputations.

Register for more information – Prior to sharing any detailed information on the investment structure and any available opportunities, Roma Capital are required to ensure investors are eligible as per regulatory requirements. With this in mind, we invite you to register.